This is probably the rarest PAM of them all, the Grooming Kit set, found sealed in the box with all of her accessories. She and the PAF and Western Pony below were sold in the 1958 Sears Christmas catalog. She is 1 of only 2 sets I'm aware of (we lucked into both), both of which turned up in the Atlanta area. Because they were catalog items, I would think more must be lurking out there somewhere, but for now, they remain incredibly scarce.

The matching PAF set, likewise found sealed in the box. Approximately a dozen of these PAF sets exist, again all found in the Atlanta area.

And here is the Western Pony set, found along with the PAM and PAF sets mentioned above. I'm only aware of 3 of these sets with this style of "saddle," two of which are in our collection. It too was found sealed in the box, although oddly the picture on the box does not reflect the contents.

The "Giant Palomino Groomer," a rare Western Horse grooming kit.

A comparison of the hard to find Western Horse grooming kit and the more common Western Pony grooming kit.

The Western Pony grooming kit complete with box. Like the odd Western Pony pictured above, the box for this set also does not reflect the contents.

A variety of grooming kit saddles. These sets date from the 1950s, and most are brown, either smooth or faux-tooled, with 2 pockets on each side, but a few oddities do turn up. The brown saddle with trapezoidal pockets on the left was actually sold on a Rearing Stallion (I have not yet seen another outside of the catalog pix), and the black saddle with loops instead of pockets on the right is extremely scarce. It's pictured in the 1957 Sears Christmas catalog on a white Fury Prancer (rather than a Western Pony).
1957 Sears SR "My Lady Fair" grooming kit Fury with very scarce black saddle. Only a handful of these saddles are known to collectors. The saddle differs from the above version in that it has loops to hold the barrettes on the outside of the flaps rather than just pockets. (The barrettes are reproductions to match the ones pictured in the catalog.) We found 2 of our 3 black saddles on Western Pony models, so the SR may have been released on that model as well as the Fury.
This is another hard to find set, the Poodle Sewing Kit. The black poodles came with red jackets and the white poodles came with dark blue jackets. These sets were available in the late 1950s through the Sears Christmas catalog.
The white poodle with blue jacket.

The black poodle with red jacket.

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