Homozygous Grey and "True Breeding Bay" Thoroughbred Stallions:

This is a topic that comes up regularly on the TB forums I read, and rather than create a new list everytime the subject arises, I decided to put the lists here for anyone to reference.

Homozygous Greys: Homozygous greys are horses that carry two copies of the grey gene, one from each parent, meaning that every single one of their foals will inherit a grey gene, and thus will be grey.

"True Breeding Bays:" The phrase "true breeding bay" is really a misnomer. What it refers to are horses who are homozygous for black (EE) and thus cannot sire a chestnut (ee) even when bred to one. Calling them true-breeding bays or even homozygous blacks can be confusing because blacks, bay, browns, smoky blacks, buckskins, smoky creams, and greys can all be homozygous for black despite having other modifiers. I prefer to call them non-chestnut carriers. It's simpler and less confusing.

Homozygous Greys
"True Breeding Bays" aka Non-Chestnut Carriers
Al Hattab
Swing Till Dawn
Wekiva Springs

Ack Ack
Personal Flag
Pleasant Colony
Round Table
Sadler's Wells
Say Florida Sandy
Seattle Slew

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